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      On November 19th 2018, the reporter was informed that the 2nd Special Planning and Environmental Art Committee meeting of the 4th Municipal Planning Commission recently reviewed and approved the “Special Plan for Dongguan Underground Integrated Pipe Gallery (2016-2030)” (hereinafter referred to as “Special Plan”) )project

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      Following the high-speed rail new city area integrated pipe gallery monitoring center, Changsha has three integrated pipe gallery monitoring centers recently completed, namely the Xiangfu West Road Sub-control Center, the Beijing-Zhu East-West Sub-district Control Center and the Meixi Lake Control Center.

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      The evaluation criteria for the processing and assembly quality of the embedded parts of the embedded tank, the quality of the embedded parts of the embedded tank depends on the processing quality and the assembly quality, and the quality of the embedded parts is the basis of the assembly quality.

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      The quasi-point provided by the civil engineering unit is used as the first-level reference control point. The intersection of the extension line and the extension line is made between the first-level reference control points, and the distance between the extension lines is determined as the secondary reference control point.

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